Affordable Septic System Maintenance in Purcellville, VA

Many homeowners are unaware of onsite wastewater system maintenance. Additionally, some systems are complex and require special care and attention to keep them running properly. All systems require regular maintenance to keep the system running properly and to prevent costly repairs. McKim Construction is equipped to provide homeowners with the information and services to help get the most from your septic system. Some septic systems, like Advantex systems and all alternative systems, are required by the county or state to have a maintenance contract. McKim Construction offers one or two year contracts for both conventional and alternative systems. We will perform routine maintenance on your septic system every six months. The information that we obtain from our maintenance visits is submitted to the county Health Department for record keeping.  We also retain a copy of these inspection results in our files for a detailed history of your system.


McKim Construction is a state licensed company and our service technicians are Department of Professional Occupational Regulation (DPOR) certified operators. Give us a call today at 540-338-3583.