Septic Inspections in Purcellville, VA

Under Title 12VAC5-613, Emergency Regulations for Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems, of the Code of Virginia, all homeowners who own an alternative septic system (AOSS) are required to have that system inspected annually for major deficiencies. Loudoun County, VA was the first county to implement inspections. All alternative septic systems must have a yearly inspection by a certified and licensed DPOR operator. These inspections are to be completed by a date established by the county.

FOR EXAMPLE: Loudoun County septic inspections are required yearly and are due by July 1. The inspections are completed between January 1 and July 1. Homeowners from other counties should check with their county health department to find out if their county is requiring a AOSS inspection and when it’s due. Homeowners can find more information by going to the Virginia Department of Health website.

McKim Construction is certified and DPOR licensed to conduct AOSS inspections. We handle all the required paperwork that is submitted to county officials. In Loudoun County, homeowners can simply log into to see your inspection and other information you may need for your septic system. Other counties are using the same or similar websites for homeowner use.

As part of our inspection, we offer a free filter cleaning and a free septic tank “sludge judge” test to determine you if you need to get your septic tank pumped..

For older alternative septic systems, septic tank risers may have not been a requirement during installation. If your septic tank does not have a riser, we can install one for you at a great price. Our inspection prices are the best around.

If you already have an operation and monitoring contract with McKim Construction, we will inspect perform the AOSS inspection on your septic system for free as part of our contract. If homeowners would like to learn more about our operation and monitoring services please contact us or call us directly at 540-338-3583.